• L. Feugère, B. Doval, P. Le Saec (2015)
    Python funtion vocategory
    Allows vocal category classification and characterization through the distribution of note partials along their duration.
    Included in the timeside library (open-source).

  • S. Le Beux, B. Doval, L. Feugère, O. Perrotin, C. d’Alessandro (2008-2016)
    Cantor Digitalis – A singing vowel instrument under the open-source CECILL license.
    Main developper from 2010 to 2013 and co-developper since 2013


  • L. Feugère, B. Verbrugghe, P. D. M. Cardoso (2009)
    Real time system of automatic segmentation and recpgnition of beatbox onomatopeia
    Voxler (video games compagny)